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Leonardo G. Lessa

From: Belo Horizonte/Minas Gerais - Brazil

Lets know a bit about this honored friend:

Meet Leonardo.

Leonardo's short profile:

-My name is Leonardo Lessa, I’m 34 years old and live in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I’ve been involved with air cooled Volkswagens since 1984 when I bought my first "fusca", a 1969 sedan model, and with the help of this fascinating car I make many "fuscamaníacos" friends like Alexander Gromow. In my opinion, this amazing car have the power to make friends and certainly the VW beetle occupies a unique place in automotive history. In 1991 we founded, in my city, the "Fusca Clube Brasil – Belo Horizonte" and since this time we try to contribute with the preservation of the world’s favorite car. I have two original beetles, a 1961, 1200cc and a 1984, 1600cc and one speed model 1967, 1700cc. For me it’s a honor to can contribute with the Gromow"s page and to participate of this gallery of honor.

[Sent by Leonardo G. Lessa on 17DEC1999]

An example of the participation on the QUEST:

Leonardo, is the President and the Webmaster of the Fusca Clube Belo Horizonte, and he included a Link to the "Arte & Fusca - The VW Beetle and the Pop Art" Site in his Club's Home Page, thus allowing the divulgation of the QUEST to more people around the world, helping a lot to proceed with the work!

He also sent contributions for the QUEST.

How to get in touch:

Home Page: Fusca Clube Belo Horizonte

e-mail: Leonardo G. Lessa

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