Arte & Fusca - The VW Beetle and the Pop Art
Thomas Ebke
From: Dortmund / Germany

Lets know a bit about this honored friend:

Meet Thomas Ebke! Here is he in front of his monitor. If you are wondering what is he watching on the screen, please refer to the picture below!

This is Thomas'present refurbishment project, here is what he said: -" I will get myself a 1967 Convertible in early January". So he is dreaming with his Convertible with his eyes very well open!

Well, let's wish good luck and many happy hours working in this car to make it awake from its present sleep!

Thomas's short profile:

-I was born in very late 1972 and I am an Electrical Engineer at the University of Dortmund, Germany. The first memories I have of aircooled Volkswagens is my uncles Beetle and the transporter our baker used to sell his rolls on Saturday mornings. As a child I was very sure that I NEVER wanted such a noisy car. My dad never had any aircooled cars, so I was used to the silence of watercooled engines. My fever for the aircooled Volkswagens started with the Type 2 in the early 90s. A friend of mine got himself a 1968 dormobil camper in 1992, and I could have it whenever I needed it (or wanted it). Unfortunately he sold this car without asking me. Then, in February 1994, a 1957 deluxe crossed my way in a local newspaper. I couldn't say 'no' to that offer so I bought my very first VW. It's in restauration now, but I still have it. In the summer of 1994 I joined BulliKartei ( as No. 386. The second VW is a 1978 ambulance. I got this car by chance. A friend of mine got himself a 1971 ambulance an needed some spare parts for it. So he was offered to cannibalize the ambulance of the German Red Cross of Kaufungen. But this car was too good to be scrapped (just 31.000 km, complete interiour, very few rust) and he couldn't use any parts because it was too young. As long as he already had an ambulance, it was my term. New car, new club, I joined the IG T2 ( in the summer of 1998 as No. 177. On May, 1st, 1999 I started looking for a convertible Beetle. It was the 'Maikaefertreffen' in Hannover where I caught the Beetle-Virus. I needed something to do when my Type 2 was ready. Finally in September 1999 I was offered a 1967 Convertible, and I had to buy it again even though there is still lots of work with the bus. I didn't join a third club yet, but let's wait and see.

[Sent by Thomas on 28DEC1999]

Click on the picture to enlarge my other cars!
From the left to the right: my 1978 ambulance, my Samba Bus 1957 deluxe on the day I got it in 02/1994, and how it is in today's condition, being refurbished.

[These pictures were sent by Thomas on 29DEC1999]

An example of the participation on the QUEST:

I thank very much to Thomas for his significant collaboration. I'm very happy that I could "catch" him for the Hall of Honor". I also thank to all Bulli Kartei Members that allowed Thomas to help the QUEST!

Thomas Is participating on the QUEST for a long time as the Webmaster of the Bulli Kartei, but he did not agree to participate in the Hall of Honor at that time because he was acting in the Club's name. He translated the QUEST's circular letter to German and included it in the Bulli Kartei's Home Page, thus helping to divulge the QUEST even before the QUEST's Site was "on-air"! Now he "found" an amazing application of the VW Beetle's image in a German Weather Site. See what he wrote:

-"That's quite interesting, isn't it. The production of Beetles in Germany stopped 20 years ago, but it is still seen very often on the street even in winter. And nearly every child knows a beetle long before they get to know todays models. Many people seem to stick to their old car".

How to get in touch:

My Cabrio '67 "The Start of a Mission"

e-mail: Thomas Ebke

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