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Petz Sandt

From: Mondorf-les-Bains / Luxembourg

Lets know a bit about this honored friend:

Meet Petz Sandt working in the studio.



"Speedy" on tour in Monaco.

Petz Sandt wrote the following::

Hi Folks

My name is Petz Sandt from Mondorf -les-Bains (home-page) / Luxembourg / Europe, and here’s my little story :

Friday morning 11:57 am, 13th January 1967 My eyes opened for the first time to this world. And it was only 18 years later I first saw the VW Beetle. Maybe even a little earlier as a teenager, but I can’t remember. But the first time that I saw it, it was love at first sight. This attraction lasted for 13 months. As a professional cook I was abroad a lot ( Switzerland, France . . . ) and it was only when I moved back to Luxembourg in 1990 that I fell in love for the second time. This time it was a white VW 1200 ( 1974 ) that had only done 26.000 km and it looked brand new. So "Célestine" was to become my second car. Well, that’s how my hobby started. I had my second Beetle imported from Mexico in 1995. Occasionally, I had a third Beetle throughout the winter period.

For the past 8 years I have been an active member of the Luxembourg Beetle Club. Supported by a great team I organised the first Meeting in Luxembourg for aircooled Volkswagen called "Krabbeli 98"; ( 505 Vw’s from 11 different countries) and the first "Beetle-calender" for Luxembourg for the year 2000 (with over 20 old photos).

My Job changed, since 5 Years now I’m working as DJ at a Radiostation (home-page) in Luxembourg-City but my hobby still the same. As a matter of fact, my collection of Beetles ( toys, gadgets . . . ) is starting to take up too much room at home.

Please note :
-Anybody interested in the "Krabbeli" is welcome to order the video via email
-Our next meeting in Luxembourg is planned for July 2001

With the best aircooled greatings from Luxembourg

[Sent by Petz Sandt per snail post on 04FEB2000]

An example of the participation on the QUEST:

Petz included the circular letter of the "Arte & Fusca - The VW Beetle and the Pop Art" in his Club Magazine "de Krabbeli Zeitung vum Käfer Club Lëtzebuerg", thus allowing the divulgation of the QUEST to more people in Luxemburg, Europe and around the world, helping a lot to proceed with the work!

Petz also sent material for the QUEST including Beetle-Art from Luxemburg!


How to get in touch:

Home Page: Petz's Page (he is working on it)

e-mail: Petz Sandt
e-mail: Käfer Club Lëtzebuerg

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