Arte & Fusca - The VW Beetle and the Pop Art
Guglielmo Botter
From: Treviso/Italy

Lets know a bit about this honored friend:

Meet Gugliemo
Although the picture was made with an New Beetle, Guglielmo also likes the air cooled Volkswagens.

Guglielmo Botter's message:

Hello! That's me looking at the New Beetle! This one was seen in my City, Treviso, about two month ago (note: original message sent on AUG1998)... then I was in the USA and there I saw 22 New Beetles running around! Very nice car.. or not car?
Well, I'm sorry you are not more Fusca Club do Brasil's President! I thank you for the article of my marriage last year in your magazine.
I hope to hear from you soon... may be we could exchange things about Beetle's world...

[Sent by Guglielmo Botter on 28AUG1998 per snail mail, I found it on JAN2001 within my papers and decided to transform in Guglielmo's Personal Page]

An example of the participation on the QUEST:

Guglielmo Botter is the President of the "Club del Maggiolino di Treviso -Italy" and we are in contact per snail mail for some years. He published a note about the QUEST in the No. 52, year 1999, of the "Bullettino ufficiale" (official bulletin) from his Club. I used this as text in Italian for the QUEST's Site.
Guglielmo is an excellent artist and makes good VW Beetle drawings, as you can see in the Phot1135.jpg.
I thank Guglielmo for his participation.

Gugliemo Botter é o Presidente do "Club del Maggiolino di Treviso-Itália" e nós estamos em contato por correio há vários anos. Ele publicou uma nota sobre a pesquisa "Arte & Fusca" no Nr. 52, ano 1999, do "Bullettino ufficiale" de seu Clube. Eu usei este material como texto em Italiano no Site.
Gugliemo é um excelente artista e faz bons desenhos de Fusca, como pode ser visto na Phot1135.jpg.
Agradeço ao Guglielmo pela participação.

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