Arte & Fusca - The VW Beetle and the Pop Art
Jarek Wolanczyk
From: Katowice/Poland

Lets know a bit about this honored friend:

Meet Jarek Wolanczyk.

Posche 356 '61 by Jarek

Posche 911 Turbo '92 by Jarek

Jarek's short profile:

Hello everybody : )
I am Jarek Wolanczyk - 32 years old graphic designer from Katowice in Poland.
I love Volkswagens and when last year I started draw cars in CorelDraw
I couldn't pass over VW Beetle. So there is one.
I want to present the 356 and 911 Porsches - I also love Porsches and I think you also do so.

If you are interested to see my other cars please visit:
(This is not my homepage- I got no one yet, but there are all my works and there will be put my future projects too).

Don't hesitate e-mail me with your opinion

By the way I am looking for good quality photos of VW bus or microbus (60's-70's) to do of course vector image.
So if some of you know good resources, please inform me. You can also send such photos you may have to me.

With kind regards to all VW Beetle lovers
Jarek Wolanczyk

[Sent by Jarek Wolanczyk on 11JUL2001]

An example of the participation on the QUEST:

On 26JUN2001 Jarek sent the following e-mail to me:
Recently I found Your site.
Woow - so many vw-s art
I sending You "my" VW (if You want - to Your site)
that I've made in CorelDraw (based on photo)
Best regards
Jarek Wolanczyk (Poland)

As you can see Jarek got in touch with me spontaneously, just willing to present his marvelous work and to help with the QUEST. This is a great help to me and I that Jarek for his initiaitve!
As you all will see his work is very good and I'm sure that it will be appreciated by all of you.

How to get in touch:

Other works on the page:

e-mail: Jarek Wolanczyk

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Started on 15JUL2001