Arte & Fusca - The VW Beetle and the Pop Art
Chris Platteeuw
From: Tereuzen / The Netherlands

Lets know a bit about this honored friend:

Meet Chris Platteeuw, note the artworks he is holding!

Here you can see the important moment when the beautiful and sensible artwork with the red VW Beetle receives Chris' last finishing touches!

Chris Platteeuw's short profile:

Chris Platteeuw is both, a car-enthusiast and an illustrator. By combining these two aspects it is never difficult for him to choose what to paint.

He is interested in the body shape of cars. That means that he likes the Ferrari 250 SWB Berlinetta because of its design and not only because it is a Ferrari. Especially designs out of the fifties and sixties are his favourites.

He is painting in two different styles. In his illustrations there is a remarkable balance between photo realistic details and area's with a more rough structure.
There are cars in showroom-condition, but also examples that are heavily used. Some almost battered like the Fiat 500 and the Citroën 2CV (see below).
For that category of paintings he frequently likes to stay on wreck yards with 'oldies' to get the necessary inspiration. Things such as rusted metal and other worn out materials are studied in this occasions.
But in many countries in the world people are so busy with environment, that these very special rest places with beautiful sceneries are more and more destroyed. That happens while they let all the chemical industries and other creators of pollution almost untouched. In The Netherlands it is no longer allowed to have an unregistered 'oldie' as decoration in the backyard. Something that can be so inspiring for an artist like Chris.

With the art print of the Volkswagen Beetle Chris is illustrating the charm of a normal used streetcar, combined with other objects from the sixties. A scenery that will help many people to remember the simpler times, when life wasn't so hurried and the pace was slower. As life becomes more complex, these simple memories become more important.

Fiat 500. -.- .Citroën 2CV

[Sent by Chris Platteeuw on 09AUG2000]

An example of the participation on the QUEST:

As I was surfing the Web I found Chris artwork and we got in touch. He gave the permission to include his, artwork that is protected by copyright, in the QUEST Site. I like this paiting very much and all of you who would care to buy a reproduction, "null problemo", you have just to enter his Site (see below) to get more details.

Encontrei o trabalho do Chris surfando na Web e nós entramos em contato. Ele me deu sua permissão para colocar o trabalho dele, que é registrado, no "Arte & Fusca". Todos aqueles que quizerem adquirir uma reprodução deste lindo trabalho podem entrar no Site dele, veja abaixo, para obter maiores detalhes.

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e-mail: Chris Platteeuw

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