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Lyndon Hookham

From: Masterton / New Zealand

Lets know a bit about this honored friend:

"Gidday", from down in New Zealand.
I am Lyndon and I have lived for almost all of my 30-something years in a town called Masterton, which is approximately 100 kilometres (60 miles) north-east of our capital city, Wellington.
Unlike a lot of the other contributors, I am not a well-known artist, photographer or web site designer, etc. I am just a VW owner with too much time on his hands and a growing collection of VW memorabilia. My very first car that I bought, back in 1987, was a fibreglass beach buggy, built with a Beetle chassis and running gear, including a 1600 engine. It was great fun and I learnt quite a lot about cars in the three months that I owned it. Unfortunately, I crashed it and the insurance company decided that it wasn't worth fixing.
After that, it seemed like a good idea to drive something BIG and SOLID, so I moved away from VWs and have owned Australian vehicles since. Until January 1999, that is. I was bored with the car I had, after driving it for about nine years (it had 398 000 kms on it when I sold it!!), so starting looking for something else.
I decided early on that whatever I got, it had to have character. I also wanted something big. Almost straight away, it came to me. Kombi! So, I started looking, and a couple of weeks later I had one. It is a 1981 Brazilian PanelWagen, with a single port 1600 and license plates that read "NOHURY". Since buying it (her?), we have travelled together over almost all of New Zealand.
In January this year we even drove up Baldwin Street in Dunedin. Baldwin Street is listed by 'Guinness Book of Records' as the steepest street in the world.
I work as a First Aid Instructor for New Zealand Red Cross and, like my lovely (& understanding) wife, Vicki, I am a volunteer Ambulance Officer. Besides those, I spend most of my time camping, photographing, hiking and web surfing. I am also a committee member for the Kombined VW Club (check our site at; and have just become a 'virtual' member of the Rusty Bay Owners Club. (They can be found at ).
With the VW runs I have attended and the general travelling that I do, I have decided that there are two types of VW owners in the world. The first type is what everyone at this (and other) site is. They own VWs because they feel the passion and the bond between themselves and their vehicles. They mostly have a good sense of humour and are very down to earth and friendly, no matter what they do and where they come from. You see these people all the time on the roads. They are the ones who beep their horns and flash their lights at you, while waving, even though you are a complete stranger.
Then there is the other type of VW owner. These people seem to drive VWs reluctantly and without choice. They don't acknowledge the waves or the flashing of lights. It is up to the rest of us to enlighten these people and help them to become believers.
I think people like Alexander are helping us to achieve this every day. After all, Volkswagen isn't just a motor vehicle; it's a lifestyle and a culture. Spread the faith.


Meet the Family: Lyndon, Vicky, Max the Dog and "NOHURY".
[Sent by Lyndon Hookham on 07NOV2000]

An example of the participation on the QUEST:

Lyndon sent an e-mail and allowed me to meet him "electronically". Since then we are in contact and Lyndon is sending interesting material for the QUEST's Site. His spontaneous will to participate and support the survey is fantastic. The material he is sending is fixing the participation of New Zealand in the survey. The other aspect of Lyndon's personality that you may already have noted is his sense of humor; he preferred to send his personal cartoon instead of a photography!
I thank Lyndon for his help and participation.

O Lyndon me enviou um e-mail e permitiu que eu o conhecesse "eletronicamente". Desde então nos estamos em contato e Lyndon está enviando material interessante para o Site. Sua vontade espontânea de participar e ajudar é fantástica. O material que ele está enviando está fixando a participação da Nova Zelândia na pesquisa. O outro aspecto da personalidade de Lyndon, que talvez você já tenha notado, é o seu senso de humor; ele preferiu enviar sua caricatura ao invés de uma fotografia!
Agradeço a Lyndon pela ajuda e participação.

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