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Sverre Andre Blindheim

From: Aalesund / Norway

Lets know a bit about this honored friend:

I'm a 17 year old boy from Aalesund, a town at the west coast in Norway. I have been the owner of an rusty '69 beetle, which is under restoration at the moment. Hopefully it will be finished this year, and I manage to take the driving licence. J I bought my car in March '99 and became a member of Oslo VW Club the same year. OVWC is Norway's largest club, with over 400 members, and every year the arrange the biggest VW-meeting in August. They also has the record for longest VW convoy in Norway! With 141 beetles in a row. Documented by Guiness record books. I'm also the man behind Volkswagen Web, or VWeB. One of Norway's largest internet sites just for VAG. At the moment its Norwegian Only

An example of the participation on the QUEST:

Sverre got in contact with me and sent me the address of his Club's Site. I visited this Site and saw a reduction of the poster you can see on the left. I sent him an e-mail asking for a bigger copy and he did so. It is an advertisement of Luk clutches. About the way he made this picture Sverre said: "Finally, it was time for a photo session! As the poster is way to large to fit into my scanner I had to film it, and then use my tv-card. And then the quality is there after, I wish someone gave me a DV cam to Christmas, but nobody has done that yet."
This is the first contribution I received from Norway, and I'm happy for that. Sverre also wrote some words about the Norwegian VW Scene: "VW scene is huge in Norway, might not be as huge as elsewhere, like GB. But big enough. The club I am a member of, Oslo VW Club (Oslo=Capital City) has over 400 members. All the clubs together, maybe 1500 to 2000?"

Sverre entrou em contato comigo e enviou o endereço do Site de seu Clube. Eu visitei esse Site e vi uma redução do pôster que você pode ver ao lado. Enviei lhe um e-mail pedindo uma cópia maior o que ele fez. É uma propaganda das embreagens Luk. Sverre esclareceu como obteve a foto: "finalmente chegou a hora da seção de fotografias! Como o pôster e bem maior do que o meu scanner eu tive que filma-lo, depois usei o meu cartão de TV. A qualidade é correspondente, eu bem gostaria que alguém tivesse me dado uma câmara digital no Natal , mas ninguém fez isto até agora."
Esta é a primeira contribuição que eu recebi da Noruega, estou feliz por isto. Sverre também escreveu algumas palavras sobre o movimento fuscamaníaco na Noruega: "O movimento fuscamaníaco na Noruega pode não ser tão grande como em outros lugares, como na Inglaterra. Mas é grande o suficiente. O clube a qual pertenço, o Oslo VW Club (Oslo=Capital), tem mais de 400 membros. No total, tosos os clubes somados, podem ter entre 1500 e 2000?"

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