Arte & Fusca - The VW Beetle and the Pop Art
Stefan Richter
From: Leicester, England

Lets know a bit about this honored friend:

Meet Stefan and his partner Joanna.

Stefan's 1975 Westfalia 2000cc camper which is currently awaiting a respray.

Stefan's short profile:

My name is Stefan Richter, I am 27 years old and live in Leicester, England together with my partner Joanna. I moved here in August '99, I was born and have always lived in Germany before. I am a trained signwriter but now work as a Web Developer for a small company in Leicester.
I have always been into VWs, mainly baywindow vans and over the last few years I have probably owned about 10-15 buses some of which I have driven, others just taken apart for parts. I have included a picture of my latest bay, a 1975 Westfalia 2000cc camper which is currently awaiting a respray. Apart from that I also own a T25 (in Germany we call it a T3).
Here in England the VW and Bus scene is huge, I would say even bigger than in Germany. I usually try and visit the main VW events such as Vanfest which is my favourite. I also contribute a lot on the JustKampers messageboards which is a great site for anything Camper and visitors from all over the world are always welcome.
That's pretty much it, contact me on if you like and happy camping!


[Sent by Stefan Richter on 01JUN2001]

An example of the participation on the QUEST:

Stefan found the QUEST's Site after following a link from the messageboard on Then he had the inicitive to send pictures 2 pictures of his first baywindow with some graffiti on it, the one with the skateboard was done by himself and the side shot was from a friend of his. He has also included a picture from the Vanfest99 showing the bird eyes view of a huge Baywindow drawn with Kombis!!!

O Stefan encontrou este Site navegando na Internet e enviou fotos de sua Kombi com alguns graffitis. Uma foto, aquela com o skate, mostra uma pintura feita por ele e a outra foi pintada por um amigo dele. Ele também enviou uma foto aérea do encontro Vanfest99.

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Started 02JUN2001